The Euromoney Egypt Conference 2017

Egypt is investible again! For the first time since 2011 international capital feels comfortable in Egypt. Challenges remain but the bold resolution of the currency crisis in 2016 has led not only to an upsurge of interest from equity investors but a triumphant return to the debt markets. But Egypt desperately needs capital to flow not just into securities but into real assets and to support many of the urgent developmental challenges faced by north Africa’s most populous nation.

Euromoney Conferences has charted Egypt’s opportunities and challenges faithfully each September since 1995.  We’ll be back again in September 2017 and we will be focusing very tightly on sectors and opportunities which are both vital for Egypt and attractive to international capital. We’ll look at the equity markets – in particular to understand how realistic are the government’s plans for a new round of IPOs. We’ll consider prospects for further debt issuance at the sovereign, sub-sovereign and corporate levels. 

But we’ll also focus on direct investment in SMEs and in Real Estate. We will be evaluating the risks and charting the opportunities. Now Egypt is back on the investment radar you need the insight and understanding that Euromoney can provide. We have the best speakers and the most insightful debates. We look forward to you joining us.

Mon 18 - Tue 19 Sep 2017