The Euromoney Lebanon Conference

Ahmed Al Salahy

Regional Manager, North Africa and Levant


Ahmed Al Salahy is the regional manager at PayFort for North Africa and Levant, a premier online payment service provider in the Arab World.  Ahmed joins the PayFort team with a strong background in retail, banking, and financial management having worked with some of the biggest names in each industry including HSBC, Barclays Bank and Nestle. Ahmed recently spent five years at HSBC where he was a senior investment adviser managing a portfolio of high net worth investors, conducted financial planning and analysis, and investment management. Previously, Ahmed was a project manager responsible for the development of two major investment funds worth over US$2bn. Ahmed received an MBA in Finance and International Management from the University of London (Merit Degree) and a bachelors degree in Financial Management from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology in Cairo.

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