The China Global Investment Summit: Hangzhou 2015
中国全球投资峰会:杭州 2015

The 3rd Annual Euromoney China Global Investment Summit, co-hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal Government and the Zhejiang Department of Commerce, concluded on a high note with an array of government leaders, C-level executives and investors.

We were honoured to have as keynotes Liang Liming, Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, Ma Xiaohui, Executive Vice Mayor of the People’s Government of Hangzhou Municipality, and Guy Verhofstadt, former Prime Minister of Belgium.

Some of the other speakers included:
- Andrew Wu, President, Greater China, LVMH Group
- David Jin, Chairman & President Northeast Asia and Greater China, Harman International
- Jonathan Woetzel, Director and Global Leader of the Cities Special Initiative, McKinsey Global Institute
- Davide Barbon, General Manager, China, ITT Motion Technologies
- Victor Hu, Head of China, Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets
- Zhang Hongping, Vice President, Alibaba Group and Managing Director, Alibaba Capital
- Werner Neddermeyer, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, VMT GmbH
- LUO Jiafu, Vice Chairman, Sino-German Association for Industry 4.0
- Cesar Fragozo, Minister for Asia, ProMéxico
- David Pao, Senior Manager Director, SK Holdings
- Mick Adams, Vice Chairman of the Board, European Union Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai
- Frank Lavin, Chief Executive Officer, Export Now
- Jacob Parker, Director and Chief Representative, Shanghai Office, US-China Business Council
- Danny Tong, Board of Directors, Deloitte China, Vice Chairman, Deloitte China Eastern Region
- Kevin Guo, Co-founder and Co-chief Executive Officer,
- GUO Yuqing, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
- Edward Tse, Chief Executive Officer, Gao Feng Advisory
- HUANG Qiang, Chief Financial Officer, Staubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic

The theme of this year’s meeting was on China’s new economy and the development of future industries. Simultaneously interpreted discussions focused on China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’, ‘Made in China 2025’, and ‘Internet Plus’ initiatives. Speakers shared their views on the global business environment and the importance of innovation to growth.

The Summit concluded with company tours and site visits to some of the region’s leading companies including the headquarters of Alibaba.

Held annually in picturesque Hangzhou, the Summit brings together over 500 international and Chinese business leaders. To be considered for a free invitation in 2016, please e-mail



- 路威酩轩LVMH集团大中华区总裁吴越
- 哈曼国际集团东北亚及中国区董事长兼总裁金定义
- 麦肯锡全球研究院全球资深董事及全球城市特别倡议领导华强森(Jonathan Woetzel)
- ITT运动技术中国区总经理巴朋大卫(Davide Barbon)
- 麦格理基础设施及有形资产中国区主管胡迎晨
- 阿里资本董事总经理兼阿里巴巴集团副总裁张鸿平
- 德国VMT GmbH副总裁及首席技术官维尔纳·尼德迈尔(Werner Neddermeyer)
- 中德工业4.0联盟执委会副主席罗家福
- 墨西哥投资贸易局亚洲部长范国松(Cesar Fragozo)
- 韩国SK集团董事总经理鲍彦诚
- 中国欧盟商会-上海董事会副主席欧仕达(Mick Adams)
- 依珀商贸(Export Now)首席执行官雷文凯(Frank Lavin)
- 美中贸易全国委员会上海代表处首席代表彭捷宁(Jacob Parker)
- 德勤董事会董事、华东区副主管合伙人及华东区财务咨询主管合伙人唐荫光
- 点融网共同创始人及联合首席执行官郭宇航
- 普华永道合伙人郭誉清
- 高风咨询创始人及董事长谢祖墀
- 史陶比尔(杭州)精密机械电子财务总监黄强