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Euromoney hosts the world’s leading foreign exchange conferences. Our Forex Forums have taken place in the hubs of London, New York, Singapore and Tokyo, with Hong Kong, Miami and Mumbai being added in 2014. Over 2000 buy side industry participants globally use the Euromoney suite of FX events every year, taking advantage of the opportunity to listen to experts and to network with the industry’s leading individuals.

Euromoney’s Forex Forums bring together expert speakers to analyse, discuss and debate the latest events, themes and trends affecting the macroeconomic environment and the major currencies. Panels of world class investors, corporates, economists and representatives from the sponsoring banks and vendors examine central bank policies, politics and local economic trends, delivering their views on how these will move the fx market.

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Upcoming Conferences and Awards Dinners


"The Euromoney Asia Forex Forum is an outstanding conference that has put together high power speakers and researchers with diversified market practitioners to provide market intelligence and investment ideas. Such a high quality mix of participants also makes the conference an invaluable venue for networking, learning and knowledge dissemination."
Chi Lo, Chief Executive Officer, HFT Investment Management

"Euromoney's Japan Forex Forum is without a doubt the leading forex event that really matters in the market. It provides an exciting and stimulating place to learn about the most recent global developments and share in the knowledge and intelligence of the market’s leading players. It allows those in the market to network effectively and to be entertained tremendously - don't miss it."
Sean Matsuda, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Global Asset Management (Japan)

"The Euromoney Forex Forum is one of the best uses of time for anyone focused on Foreign Exchange - you walk away informed about the market, the risks, the trades and the players. This is a must attend event."
Robert Savage, CEO,

Past Conferences and Awards Dinners

More information The Bond Investors Congress 2014 Tue 24 - Wed 25 Jun 2014 | London
More information Euromoney FX Survey Awards Dinner 2014 Thu 08 May 2014 | The Bloomsbury Ballroom, London
More information The Japan Forex Forum Fri 07 Jun 2013 | Conrad, Tokyo