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Will Middle East sovereign wealth funds like ADIA, Mubadala, QIA and PIF continue to invest globally? What and where is NEOM and why is it important? What do the hugely ambitious investment plans of Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai mean for international companies, financiers and governments? Will the Middle East continue to grow as a global hub for tourism, logistics, technology and, of course, energy? Will Middle East oil continue to dominate the global energy market? Why is Middle East gas now the strategic fuel of choice for Europe and Asia?

Wherever you are and whatever you do, today’s Middle East matters more than ever.

Soling Partners have been publishing Middle East newsletters for their global clients for years, and now Euromoney Conferences have teamed up with Soling Partners to create a new version of our Middle East Monthly. Our approach is simple: we write informatively, insightfully, and entertainingly about the region we love. We want to give a perspective on the region which is realistic but speaks with a different voice. We are in a place between dry technical analysis and hyperbolic press releases and stay focused our core subject – which is helping you to do business in and with today’s Middle East.

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