Event name

The GlobalCapital Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum 2019

17 September 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Event Overview

Sustainability can no longer be ignored by anyone working in capital markets. The way investors and issuers do business is changing, and at an accelerating pace. We follow these changes and developments closely, and offer a variety of ways to engage with and learn about these fast-developing markets, and to hear what other market participants are thinking.

The GlobalCapital Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Forum will be back in Amsterdam again this year on 17 September.

Over the past six years, we have brought the SRI community together in New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam. The Forum is now established as one of the most stimulating, fresh and innovative events in the ever more important field of responsible finance. Our trademark is bringing together issuers, investors and specialist experts to debate the issues of real importance to market participants. Over 200 participants are expected to attend.

This year we will have a new venue, new speakers, new formats and much more. 

At the cocktail reception following the Forum, GlobalCapital will present its annual Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Awards. Decided on the basis of a poll of market participants conducted in June and July, the awards truly reflect the market’s opinion. They commend the issuers, investors, banks, service providers and deals that have pioneered in the green, social and sustainable finance markets in the last year.

GlobalCapital’s Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Special Report complements the more direct experience provided by the Forum. Published in September, it charts the development of the green and social finance markets, enabling market practitioners at the highest level to exchange ideas and learn from each other, through the media of our issuer and investor roundtables and articles on key issues in the market.

“An excellent opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in the market.”
Ingrid Holmes, Head of Policy, Hermes Investment Management

“This conference was a very good opportunity for us to meet with other green players in the financial sector, namely investors, bankers, regulators, issuers and other relevant parties. We learnt a lot from others while simultaneously networking. I can say that most of the speakers, participants and moderators have expertise as well as experience in this field, so the discussion was very constructive and productive. A variety of discussion formats is also a good strategy that makes the conference as a whole, more lively, participative and interesting.”
Luky Alfirman, Director General, Budget Financing and Risk Management, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia


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Heike Reichelt

Head, Investor Relations and New Product Development, Capital Markets Department, Treasury
World Bank Treasury

Full Profile

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Otto Weyhausen-Brinkmann

Head of New Issues

Full Profile


Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey

The Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey is now live! To participate in the survey click here.

The survey will capture market sentiment on all things ESG from those at the forefront of this exciting market.

This is a global survey with respondents split equally between both issuers and investors. Respondents will vary from true advocates and consumers of sustainable finance to those who have limited knowledge of the area but a growing awareness and interest.

To ensure we capture an accurate snapshot of the market we will target three main issuer groups: FIG, corporates and SSAs. Similarly, we will target a range of investors including pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and hedge funds.

The survey has a global reach but with particular focus on North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Our extensive research, editorial, events and training databases mean we have active relationships with ESG issuers and investors across multiple platforms. Plus with over 40 years’ experience of running market-leading surveys, we are a trusted source of quality and verifiable market research.

Analysis of the survey will be published in September. Excerpts of the data will be displayed at the Forum.

Awards Poll and Ceremony

GlobalCapital is conducting its annual poll to determine our Sustainable and Responsible Capital Markets Awards 2019. Please click here to vote for the best issuers, banks, investors, law firm, second opinion provider and the market’s most compelling innovations in 2018-19.

The Awards will be presented at the cocktail reception following the Forum. Decided on the basis of a poll of market participants conducted in June and July, the Awards are the only ones that truly reflect the market’s opinion. 

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