Event name

The Nordic Bank Capital and Funding Forum

22 March 2018
Stockholm, Sweden


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Danske Bank
ICAP Management Services Limited

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Event Overview

The Nordic Bank Capital and Funding Forum will make its debut on Thursday 22nd March 2018, in Stockholm.

Bringing bank treasurers and funding officials, together with investors, regulators and the sponsoring intermediaries, the forum will confront new capital requirements and the impact on investor appetite for affected instruments. The agenda will review the capital stack of the region’s banks, from AT1 to covered bonds, green bonds and the asset side of the balance sheet, as it faces fundamental changes as a result of new regulation.

The Forum will look at:

 - The implications on domestic funding, in particular for covered bonds in Denmark and Sweden, following the EBA’s proposed new rules for that market. 

 - Low RWA balance sheets, and consequential ‘best in class’ capital ratios which are fundamentally challenged by RWA floors and leverage ratios. The STS securitisation directive may provide a solution, but the prognosis for this remains unclear. 

 - Cross-border operations which are predicated on a close co-operation between regional banking supervisors and legal systems. Is this challenged by the resolution regime rules and the proposed intermediate parent undertaking rules? 

 - The ECB’s quantatative easing and extraordinary monetary policy which may be coming to an end. Will the Riksbank and Danmarks Nationalbank finally be able to normalise their rates as a consequence? What are the implications for regional economies that have acclimatised to a negative rate environment? 

 - The Capital Markets Union, designed to increase cross border flow of funds in the euro-zone and the multi-faceted implications for the Krona and Krone denominated markets. 

These challenges will have far reaching implications on the Nordic banking model: the structure of domestic capital markets will change, business models will need to be modified and there will be far-reaching M&A implications, in particular for investments in neighbouring markets from the Baltics to post-Brexit Britain. 
At this conference we will discuss these changes and their implications with regulators, rating agencies and investors and attempt to get a better understanding of the future model of banking in the Nordic region and on the more near term implications for capital issuance.

Key speakers:

Hans Lindblad, Director General, Swedish National Debt Office

Timo Löyttyniemi, Vice Chair, Single Resolution Board

Martin Noreus, Deputy Director General, Finansinspektionen

Ulrik Carstens, Chief Portfolio Manager, Danske Capital

Bent Østrup Callisen, First Vice President, Group Funding / Group Treasury, Danske Bank

Anne-Sofie Reng Japhetson, Director, International Market Contact, Liquidity and Capital Division, Finanstilsynet

Dag Hjelle, Head of Treasury, SR-Boligkreditt

James Longsdon, Managing Director, Co-head of EMEA Financial Institutions, Fitch Ratings

John-Arne Wang, Head of Funding and Liquidity Management, SEB

Arve Austestad, Chief Executive Officer, SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt

Ulf Erlandsson, Lead Portfolio Manager, Strukturinvest

Samu Slotte, Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates and Institutions, Danske Bank

Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability, Swedbank

Are you an investor or funding head interested in joining these experts on a panel at the forum? Please contact George Khachadourian, Programme Manager for the conference, at george.khachadourian@euromoneyplc.com. 

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact Jonathan Wakeman at jonathan.wakeman@euromoneyplc.com.





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Keynote Speaker

Timo Loyttyniemi

Vice Chair
Single Resolution Board

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Speaker image

Arve Austestad

Chief Executive Officer
SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt AS

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Speaker image

Ulrik Carstens

Chief Portfolio Manager
Danske Capital

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Speaker image

Ulf Erlandsson

Lead Portfolio Manager
Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund

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Dag Andreas Hjelle

Head of Treasury

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Speaker image

Anne-Sophie Reng Japhetson

Director, International Market Contact, Liquidity and Capital Division

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Samu Slotte

Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporates and Instituttions
Danske Bank

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John Wang

Head of Funding and Liquidity Management

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