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Sustainable Financing in China’s Markets - Webinar Series 2 中国市场的可持续融资- 线上研讨会系列 2

21 October - 31 December 2020
Online, China - Hong Kong (SAR)


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Although China is one of the leading carbon-emitting countries around the globe, there is clear evidence it is committed to transforming its economy into an eco-friend model.

To fulfil China’s commitment to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change by 2050, it is estimated that China requires RMB 4 trillion investment per year to support its green goals. Given such a strong demand within the market for green financial products, is China ready to nurture strong domestic green financial markets and ecological developments within its economy? How will China’s progressive action drive other countries in pursuing green goals?

This webinar will examine the green finance markets in China beyond simply focusing on the popular green fixed income asset class. We will review the economy as a whole to better understand the development in different asset classes and the involvement of various sectors.

This webinar forms part of Euromoney Conferences and GlobalCapital’s webinar series of “Sustainable Financing in China’s Markets”. Each webinar will build on the previous discussion, giving investors, analysts, bankers and other interested parties a guide to China’s green and sustainable financing markets.


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此次线上研讨会除了关注流行的绿色固定收益资产类别外,还将深入探究中国绿色金融市场。为了更好地理解不同资产类别的发展和各领域的参与情况,我们会从整体上审视经济发展。此次线上研讨会是Euromoney Conferences和GlobalCapital「中国市场的可持续融资- 线上研讨会系列」的组成部分。每次线上研讨会都将建立在前期讨论基础之上,旨在为投资者、分析师、银行机构和其他感兴趣的组织了解和进入中国绿色可持续融资市场提供指引。


如欲了解更多关于本场线上研讨会的信息,请电邮至 rsvp@euromoneyasia.com与我们的客户服务团队联系。

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如欲于会议发言,请电邮至 stephen.hathaway@euromoneyasia.com 联系Stephen Hathaway 和 melody.mok@euromoneyplc.com 联系Melody Mok。



Speaker image

Jun Ma

China Green Finance Committee

Full Profile

Speaker image

Chunhui Pan

Deputy Director of Finance Work Office
Huzhou Municipal People's Government

Full Profile

Speaker image

Lihong Qian

General Manager of Investment Banking Department
China Construction Bank

Full Profile

Speaker image

Michael Salvatico

Head of Asia Pacific ESG Business Development, Trucost
S&P Market Intelligence

Full Profile

Speaker image

Hardik Shah

ESG Practice Lead

Full Profile

Speaker image

Matthew Thomas

Asia Bureau Chief
Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

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