Event name

The Euromoney Egypt Conference 2019

09 September 2019
Cairo, Egypt


There is no better way to network with your key clients whilst providing a host of interesting panels and lively workshops to keep them informed on the latest market trends. Euromoney conferences provide an unparalleled opportunity for you to reach and remain at the forefront of your market.

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Event Overview


 We are delighted to present a more focused and streamlined structure for the 2019 Euromoney Egypt Conference. This year’s event will take place over one day: Monday 9 September. We know how busy our delegates are so we will pack the day with all the editorial excellence that you come to expect from a much longer Euromoney Conference.


Confirmed keynote speakers:

H.E. Dr Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt

HE Dr Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, Egypt

Digitisation has disrupted many industries but finance has been surprisingly resilient. Bankers lend, customers borrow, regulators regulate. The details may have evolved but the basic business hasn’t.  Until now.

But, disruptive data- and customer-centred services delivered digitally are not the future.

They are already here.  And they do not need banks or other traditional intermediaries.

Big players from the US and China are looking to expand their cheap, efficient and customer-friendly offerings globally – and emerging markets like Egypt are a primary target.  There is no Egyptian Facebook or Arab Google.  Will there be an Egyptian Ant Financial?

The brave new world of financial data collection, mining, refining, and monetisation will revolutionise financial services everywhere. It will bring huge benefits to many customers – particularly in relatively high-cost, rigid and underbanked markets like Egypt.  But at what cost? And what should incumbents and policy-makers do about it?

The Euromoney Egypt Conference 2019 will consider these questions and more. If you want to make sure you have a market, a company or a job in five years – can you afford to miss it?


Speaker image

Wassim Bou-Ghanem

Senior Adviser to Chief Executive Officer
Alkhair Capital Saudi Arabia

Full Profile

Speaker image

Tomás Carruthers

Chief Executive
Project Heather

Full Profile

Speaker image

Sudip Chatterjee


Full Profile

Speaker image

Murray Gardiner

Commercial Director for Inclusive Banking

Full Profile

Speaker image

Nameer Khan

Chairman and Founding Board Member

Full Profile

Speaker image

David Lubin

Head of Emerging Markets Economics, Managing Director
Citi Bank

Full Profile

Speaker image

H.E Dr Mohamed Ahmed Maait

Minister Of Finance
Ministry of Finance

Full Profile

Speaker image

Mohamed Okasha

Managing Director

Full Profile

Speaker image

Sagar Sarbhai

Head Of Government And Regulatory Relations, Apac And Middle East

Full Profile

Speaker image

Mirna Sleiman

Founder & CEO
Fintech Galaxy

Full Profile

Speaker image

Khaled Talhouni

Managing Partner
Wamda Capital

Full Profile

Speaker image

Frans Van Eersel

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Full Profile

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