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The Euromoney Jordan Conference 2019

02 July 2019
Amman, Jordan


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Event Overview

Stability, innovation and transformation – Jordan’s economic challenge

As befits Jordan’s character as a bridge between continents and cultures, at the 2019 Euromoney Jordan Conference, we will blend themes currently playing out both in the region and in the world. We will hear from the Jordanian government and from regulators and bankers in the Hashemite Kingdom. We’ll take a long hard look at whether the macro picture really is improving or whether it will tread water until there is a permanent political settlement in Jordan’s near neighbourhood.

We will also look to the future and particularly to the opportunities in Jordan afforded by changing the model and the processes of the financial sector to a more modern, digital one.  We will evaluate whether Jordan wants, is able or is ready for this challenge – and find out who might be in which camp.  Finally we’ll put together a session on financial inclusion to chart how all this will effect the man or the woman in the Amman street.  It looks to be an interesting event and we hope that you will join us.

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