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What hope for America?

23 April 2018 | Richard Kemmish

American covered bond law depends on the reform of the GSEs, sadly that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

How to fund a bank: back to basics

20 April 2018 | Charlie Corbett

Regulators have spent too much time tinkering with capital stacks and risk-weights and too little time focusing on solving the fundamental problem of short-term illiquidity. I'm going to put this contention to the guests on my 'how to fund a bank' roundtable at this year's Global Borrowers and Bond Investors Forum. This is part one of two blogs I am writing on bank funding and the best way to protect depositors and prevent another crisis.

Asset management's uncertain future: part II

18 April 2018 | Charlie Corbett

In part two of his blog, Charlie Corbett looks at the five chief threats to the asset management business and the changes they could wreak on the industry in the years ahead. Just what do asset managers have to do to survive?

I trade, therefore I am? Bitcoin’s existential angst

17 April 2018 | Charlie Corbett

It’s the perennial bitcoin internal struggle: am I money? But how, exactly, do you define money? And do we completely miss the point when we try to compare cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, to traditional currencies? Yes, says one digital asset evangelist who spoke at our GCC Financial Forum in Bahrain.

CEE 2018: Public debt management

11 April 2018 |

CEE 2018: Public debt management

The future of asset management: part I

10 April 2018 | Charlie Corbett

A short history of asset management (in my lifetime) and why the future looks quite so uncertain. This is the first of two blogs based on my research for a panel I will be chairing at our Global Borrowers and Bond Investors’ Forum in June.

Forgive us our parochialism

09 April 2018 | Richard Kemmish

You might think that it’s a pity that the first major covered bond conference since the publication of the first ever draft of a covered bond directive is taking place outside Europe.

Why 4%?

09 April 2018 | Richard Kemmish

“I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes” – Jimi Hendrix

Interview with Mukose Andrew, Founder of Gifted Hands Network

06 April 2018 | Euromoney Conferences

2017 Ideas for Action second place winner Mukose Andrew, founder of the Ugandan company, Gifted Hands Network, discusses the start-up ecosystem in Africa and his own personal journey in the lead up to the Euromoney East Africa Conference.