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Euromoney and the ECBC are heading to Vancouver

18 January 2018 |

Later this year, we head to Vancouver for an event focused on the North American covered bond market.

Singapore’s 4% isn’t Canada’s 4%

15 January 2018 |

On a superficial level, Canada and Singapore don’t have a lot in common. But in covered bond land we look beyond the superficial (usually) and can see some remarkable market, regulatory and structural similarities.

The End of the Year as we Know It ...

15 January 2018 |

...and markets feel fine. Next year in a sentence: welcome back volatility, we’ve missed you …

Das Rheingold

15 January 2018 |

Regular readers will know that I’m a fan of the pfandbrief market. But as it is Christmas week please indulge me four posts on another of my great German loves. It is slightly relevant to the covered bond market. Promise.

Time to update the emcumbrance debate?

15 January 2018 | Richard Kemmish

The question should move from “how does the number of covered bonds outstanding influence the return for other creditors?” to “how does the number of covered bonds outstanding influence the probability that bail-in will be an ineffective resolution tool?”

Will nothing quench direct lending thirst?

15 January 2018 |

Despite record volumes and enough dry powder to blow up a medium-sized parliament, the market for direct lending appears to have plenty more capacity to soak up record-breaking demand

Waking up from Europe’s bad loan bad dream

15 January 2018 |

Europe’s banks have a problem with bad loans. But while the EU is aware of the problem, the commission, ECB and parliament are locked in a bitter dispute on the best way to solve it. Meanwhile, step up the Portuguese - who may have found the answer

Interview with Jacek Kubas, Adviser, EBRD

08 January 2018 |

Interview with Jacek Kubas, Adviser, EBRD at the Euromoney/ECBC Covered Bond Congress 2017

Are CEE countries missing a party?

08 January 2018 | Richard Kemmish

There has never been a more urgent need to develop the covered bond markets in central and eastern Europe – before the ECB purchase programme runs out.