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CMU: Interview with Jean Lemierre

03 December 2015

Jean Lemierre, Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors for BNP Paribas, is interviewed by Chris Garnett on stage at the Euromoney Capital Markets Union Forum 2015.


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What is an SME?

19 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

European secured notes - covered bond like structures - based on loans to small and medium sized enterprises have to answer three questions: what is an SME? What is a loan? And are they any good? None of these questions is trivial.

Tags: Covered Bond

How good are SME loans?

16 October 2018 | Richard Kemmish

One of the main objections to European Secured Notes is that one of the proposed asset classes that could back them - loans to Small and Medium sized enterprises just aren't as good as residential mortgages. So surely the resultant bonds must be worse? Half true.

Tags: Covered Bond