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Fixed Income Markets 2014: A Giant Bear Looming?

27 June 2014

With bank balance sheet holdings of fixed income inventory now 80% lower than in 2007 following regulatory pressure, how quickly and how smoothly can the bond market transition without its market-makers and its central bank buyer of last resort, but with record issuance volumes? What have the key personnel changes at the Fed mean for international capital markets and the dollar? The opening panel of the Global Borrowers and Investors Forum 2014 answers all this and more.


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26 February 2018 | Richard Kemmish

The recent change in market sentiment has made the jobs of issuers and syndicate desks harder. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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Green Luxembourg

23 February 2018 | Richard Kemmish

How do the new proposals for a green covered bond law fit into the covered bond universe? Or the green bond universe?

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