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Executive Briefing 2019: Cybersecurity

17 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Executive Briefing 2019: Leisure and Hospitality in the KSA

17 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It’s the hottest investment sector in the Kingdom and one you can learn all about at Euromoney Executive Briefing the day before the annual Saudi Conference.

The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2019

18-19 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Euromoney will partner with the Ministry of Finance, SAMA and the CMA to hold the annual Saudi Arabia Conference on the 18-19 September 2019 – a new slot for our flagship event.

Euromoney Asia Private Banking Seminar

20 September 2019
Singapore, Singapore

The Philippines Investment Forum 2019

24 September 2019
Manila, Philippines

The Euromoney Latin America Syndicated Loans Conference 2019

26-27 September 2019
Miami, United States

Now in its 15th year, the Euromoney Latin American Syndicated Loans Conference returns once again to Miami on 26-27 September 2019.

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Recent Articles and Videos

Why Hong Kong’s bid for the LSE must struggle

16 September 2019 |

The bid by HKEX for the London Stock Exchange is bold and has scale on its side, but faces regulatory barriers – and the fact the LSE has a different idea of what an exchange should look like.

Afrophobia just one of the many risks burdening South Africa

13 September 2019 |

Violent attacks are nothing new – analysts have long held a warning sign over the country’s investor credentials, and little has changed.

Kurdistan readies for post-ISIS future

12 September 2019 |

It’s not long ago that Kurdistan was on the brink of accessing the international markets. Then came ISIS, strained relations with Iraq and the challenge of being shackled to a state from which the population wants independence. Is Kurdistan ready to approach world markets again?

The places finance forgot

12 September 2019 |

Countries fall off the global financial grid for a host of reasons: political obtuseness, lack of sovereign recognition, the departure of correspondent banking relationships, even Ebola. But we make a mistake if we think of these places as distant and uninteresting curios

Non-recognition gives Kosovo a headache

12 September 2019 |

It is 11 years since Kosovo declared independence from Serbia, and even now, only about half of the UN recognizes it as a free-standing sovereign state. That lack of international validation – not least the absence of a credit rating – is holding back a strong economy.

Algeria’s battle for modern banking

12 September 2019 |

A properly functioning financial system has long eluded the country. As it moves on from Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s 20-year leadership, can the financial system finally overcome its many problems?

Liberia sees a second chance

12 September 2019 |

For many international investors, Liberia isn’t relevant. It offers little in terms of natural resource, while global banks find doing business there too risky and its young and poor population offers little commercial opportunity. Can China help turn this around?

Laos’s past is its present

12 September 2019 |

In the landlocked nation, credit is in short supply and few have bank accounts. Foreign lenders, development banks, microfinance institutions and fintechs want to solve its woes – it’s just not clear that Laos wants them back.

Clothes don’t cover Haiti’s problems

12 September 2019 |

The country’s poverty is in marked contrast to the relative affluence of its neighbours. It needs access to finance beyond disaster relief. But can banks make a business case for a nation in such poor repair?

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