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The Philippines Investment Forum 2019

24 September 2019
Manila, Philippines

The Euromoney Latin America Syndicated Loans Conference 2019

26-27 September 2019
Miami, United States

Now in its 15th year, the Euromoney Latin American Syndicated Loans Conference returns once again to Miami on 26-27 September 2019.

The Middle East Borrowers & Investors Forum 2020

29 January 2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Recent Articles and Videos

Country risk: Why Hungary lags the Visegrad pack

20 September 2019 |

The country’s risk scores have lagged its central European neighbours since the financial crisis. Is overspending in the mid 2000s entirely to blame, or should the Fidesz government take some responsibility?

Mexico risk to Pacific Alliance’s IG club status

20 September 2019 |

Three-quarters of fund managers that responded to a recent Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey think that Mexico is going to lose its investment grade status.

Argentina: Will Alberto Fernández succeed where Macri failed?

20 September 2019 |

Road testing the likely economic and financial policies come the October general election.

Saudi Arabia considers three new banking licences

19 September 2019 |

Applications to operate banks in Saudi Arabia show that consolidation has not shut the door to new entrants.

Market reform, Aramco IPO in focus as Saudi seeks to reassure investors

18 September 2019 |

Saudi Arabia is pressing on with capital markets reform and its planned IPO of Aramco in spite of drone attacks on its oil facilities that briefly spooked markets. Virginia Furness reports from Riyadh.

Sovereign risk: Chile’s enduring miracle

18 September 2019 |

One country showed the way forward for Latin American sovereigns nearly 35 years ago. Many have tried to follow. Have they succeeded?

Why India is as risky as it ever was

18 September 2019 |

Some uncomfortable conclusions arise from a close look at Euromoney’s country risk data for Asia since 1982. India’s opening has been rewarded with a dismal decline in its score, while the overthrow of local dictators doesn’t appear to do much for economies either.

How democracy benefits Africa’s debt

18 September 2019 |

In Africa, the more democratic a country is, the higher its Euromoney Country Risk score, but as the continent’s ECR grade stalls, African countries are diverging – politically and economically.

How MAS propelled Singapore to the top of the class

18 September 2019 |

Singapore’s emergence as a global financial hub is no accident, and has not happened overnight. The key, according to Ravi Menon – the managing director of financial regulator the Monetary Authority of Singapore – is to plan well, act decisively and, above all, listen.

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