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Coronavirus: Dividend futures – the Nostradamus trade

02 April 2020 |

Dividend futures in Europe indicated weakness well before suspensions of payouts to shareholders began. What explains this apparent predictive ability?

Banking: Russia makes its own innovation

02 April 2020 |

Recruited to set up a national payments system, the central bank’s Olga Skorobogatova has overseen initiatives to protect consumers and promote competition in Russia’s banking sector. In her first interview with international media, she talks sandboxes, blockchain and the challenges of regulating bank ecosystems.

Russia shows resilience to oil shock while Kazakhstan wobbles

02 April 2020 |

Risk experts view Russia in a stronger position to overcome short-term disruption compared with Kazakhstan.

Private equity can be the big winner from Covid-19 sell-off

02 April 2020 |

While stock market valuations collapse, private equity buyers have never had so much cash to put to work; the severity and sudden onset of the sell-off took them by surprise but they are already looking to make new investments across the capital structure of companies that will survive the lockdowns. And when M&A eventually revives, private equity will be at the centre of the action.

Alfa-Bank chief executive: ‘Russian customers can live with lockdown much better than those in Europe’

02 April 2020 |

Vladimir Verkhoshinskiy says Covid-19 crisis offers opportunities for leading Russian private-sector banks.

Coronavirus: What corporate treasurers need from their banks

02 April 2020 |

Corporate treasurers are doing everything they can to keep businesses running as smoothly as possible during these challenging times. How do their relationships with bank partners hold up in times of stress?

Brazil banks ready for latest stress test

01 April 2020 |

Previous crises led to consolidated, profitable sector that should be able to weather coming storm.

The other Merrill: how Datasite’s virtual world is taking over

01 April 2020 |

With offices deserted across the world as coronavirus takes its toll on traditional processes, the recent transformation of a 50-year-old financial printing firm into a leading virtual dataroom and online M&A software service company may have made it more relevant than ever

Coronavirus: The Asian Development Bank prepares for an uncertain future

31 March 2020 |

The ADB’s policy chief tells Euromoney the Manila multilateral is ready for the worst, but wonders what world will emerge from Covid-19, as sovereign states balk at funding needs, and commercial banks step back from funding infrastructure.

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