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Myanmar Global Investment Forum 2019

10-11 September 2019
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Executive Briefing 2019: Cybersecurity

17 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Executive Briefing 2019: Leisure and Hospitality in the KSA

17 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It’s the hottest investment sector in the Kingdom and one you can learn all about at Euromoney Executive Briefing the day before the annual Saudi Conference.

The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2019

18-19 September 2019
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Euromoney will partner with the Ministry of Finance, SAMA and the CMA to hold the annual Saudi Arabia Conference on the 18-19 September 2019 – a new slot for our flagship event.

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WeWork: Neumann redefines key man risk as IPO looms

16 August 2019 |

WeWork’s pre-IPO financial disclosures have done little to quell disquiet over the company and its high-spending CEO.

Danske wields risk axe after Estonia money laundering scandal

16 August 2019 |

Danske Bank’s compliance head Philippe Vollot is on a hiring spree, but parts of its international network might still be too risky.

Yield curve inversion spreads worry across global markets

15 August 2019 |

Lower yields on 10-year US government bonds than two-year notes may presage recession and further pain for equities, credit bonds and currencies.

Banking: Argentina is back where it started

15 August 2019 |

When Mauricio Macri won the last presidential election in 2015, the future for Argentina’s banks looked rosy: a spate of international debt and equity deals confirmed the optimism. No one who participated in those deals – including Galicia’s CEO Fabián Kon – thought the country would soon be back to square one.

Mexico is not a safe option for investors fleeing Argentina

15 August 2019 |

Country risk analysts are less than enthused by the weak economy and slow pace of reforms, as government policy provides more questions than answers.

Suppose they had a trade war and nobody came

13 August 2019 |

The relationship between the Sino-American trade war and US inflation is a complex one. But what would happen if the trade war was called off tomorrow? Business as usual?

Interview with Silvia Dall'Angelo at The Global Borrowers & Bond Investors Forum 2019

12 August 2019 |

Silvia Dall'Angelo, Senior Economist, Hermes Investment Management speaks to Euromoney Conferences on the sidelines of The Global Borrowers & Bond Investors Forum 2019.

Investors are right to be rattled by Turkey’s central bank purge

12 August 2019 |

The gradual erosion of institutional credibility could prove more damaging to Turkey than economic and political shocks.

Israel fintechs: From start-up to scale-up

12 August 2019 |

Israel has become one of the world’s most important fintech hubs, attracting millions in investment from some of the biggest global brands and venture capital funds. Can its start-up culture now evolve to grow large fintech businesses at home?

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