Real Return XI: The Inflation-Linked Products Conference

Gemma Wright-Casparius

Principal, Senior Portfolio Manager


Gemma Wright-Casparius is a principal and senior portfolio manager at Vanguard, where she heads the actively managed treasury/inflation team. The team actively manages the US TIPS fund, Short Term US Treasury Fund, Intermediate US Treasury Fund, Long Term Treasury Fund, US Core Bond Fund, and Intermediate Term Bond Fund. Ms Wright-Casparius has been actively involved in many Vanguard crew engagement projects including leading talent development, recruiting and is currently a senior member of the IMG WILS leadership team. Ms Wright-Casparius has over 30 years investment experience and for a number of years was a senior leader of the US rate strategy team and head of the US inflation strategy team for Barclay’s Capital. Before Vanguard, she held the titles of senior VP, fixed income portfolio manager and deputy head of global macro research and strategy for the Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund, (GIC). She was a portfolio manager for the Global Inflation linked Bond Fund and co-managed the US Rate Total Return Portfolio. Ms Wright-Casparius holds a BBA in economics and finance, and an MBA from the Bernard M Baruch College, University of New York.

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