The Euromoney Egypt Conference 2017


Shehab Marzban


Egypt Ventures

Shehab Marzban is chairman of Egypt Ventures. He is also the senior advisor for economic affairs to the minister of investment and international cooperation in his capacity as strategic advisor with the African Development Bank. Before this, Dr Marzban was deputy minister for economic affairs at the Egyptian ministry of international cooperation. Before joining the public sector, Dr Marzban was the co-founder of Shekra Crowdfunding and SME Development, which received the Islamic Economy Award for ‘Best SME Development Initiative’ by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2013. Dr Marzban is also currently a visiting professor at IMD Business School in Switzerland, Zayed University in the UAE, and Durham University in England, as well as a visiting lecturer at various universities in Europe, Malaysia and the MENA region. Furthermore, he is a member in the technical committee of the Finance Accreditation Agency in Malaysia. Until November 2015, he was working as a senior consultant at the World Bank focusing on Islamic MSME finance and venture capital strategies in the MENA region. He was also a senior islamic finance consultant for the Islamic Development Bank. His areas of specialisation include MSME and startups development, crowdfunding as well as computer-based financial services. He utilised his consulting and research experience in the private sector as well as in government and international development institutions, in the areas of policy development, venture capital development, developmental projects and finance, Islamic finance, fund management, and decision support models. Dr Marzban received his PhD in ethical portfolio management from the University of Cologne in Germany and has published several papers in the areas of Shariah-compliant crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, Islamic funds, Shariah screening and purification, and SME development. His publications have appeared in numerous top international journals such as the Journal of Banking and Finance, The Banker, and the G20 Policy Reports, as well as presented at the Harvard Islamic Finance Forum and Cambridge University.

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Mon 18 - Tue 19 Sep 2017