China Debt Capital Markets Summit 中国债务资本市场峰会 2017

Charlie Berman

Chairman of Debt Capital Markets, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific


Charlie Berman is chairman of debt capital markets for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Barclays and based in London. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and organisation of debt capital markets and related derivative, advisory and liability management activities in addition to managing senior relationships particularly with the public sector clients on a global basis.  Before joining Barclays in September 2011, Mr Berman spent 18 years at Salomon Brothers /Citigroup in a variety of positions including co-head of credit markets and co-head of fixed income capital markets and was a member of the global fixed income operating committee.  Mr Berman graduated in law from Manchester University in 1980 and then trained as a commercial banker with Bank of America. He gained exposure to the Eurobond and syndicated loan markets before joining Citicorp to focus on the nascent markets for ECP, MTNs and note issuance facilities. In 1988 he joined Merrill Lynch to concentrate on financial institutions and the development of regulatory capital securities such as Variable Rate Notes and Tier 1 Preferred Stock.  In 1990 he joined Salomon Brothers where the scope of his mandate broadened to include public sector borrowers and corporations. In 1991 he was responsible for taking the nascent global bond mechanism pioneered by the World Bank and Salomon Brothers in 1989 and adapting to for use by sovereign and agency borrowers. The first issue of this type was the landmark $2bn10 year for the Province of Ontario in 1992. Following this Mr Berman continued to develop the global bond and in the following months responsible for numerous debuts in this market including Kingdom of Sweden, Republic of Italy, Freddie Mac and Asian Development Bank. Over the course of the next decade the global bond became firmly established as the structure used by all major borrowers and now 25 years later it is a permanent feature of the markets.  Mr Berman has executed transactions for virtually every sovereign in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Of all the transactions his personal highlight remains the 5year $3bn issues for the UK in 2003. This remains the only international US $ bond to ever price with a yield below the prevailing US Treasury curve and makes it the most expensive new issue of all time from an investor perspective.  Mr Berman was honoured to receive the inaugural Euromoney/PWC Capital Markets Achievement Award in 2000 and in Euroweek’s 20th anniversary edition in 2007, he was voted by borrowers as the ‘Most Impressive Originator’ of the preceding 20 years. He has served as an executive committee member of International Primary Market Association and vice president of the Euro Debt Market Association.

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Thu 23 Mar 2017

The Westin Beijing Financial Street, Beijing