China Debt Capital Markets Summit 中国债务资本市场峰会 2017

Lingyun TANG

Deputy Head, Global Markets Department


Ms Tang Lingyun currently serves as vice general manager of global market department, ICBC. She is in charge of fixed income securities portfolio management, money market financing and inter-bank financing, underwriting of debt financing instruments, bond issuance of ICBC, asset-backed securitization, credit products trading, etc. The outstanding amount of CNY fixed income portfolios under Ms Tang’s responsibilities exceeds RMB4tn. In addition, the annual average trading volume of monetary market and inter-bank financing exceeds RMB40tn. In recent years, ICBC has underwritten several thousand debt financing instruments for corporates and financial institutions with a total underwriting amount of over RMB3tn. ICBC ranks No 1 in the CNY bond underwriting market for nine consecutive years and has been repeatedly awarded “The Best Bond Underwriter in China” by global well-known media such as The Asset, Bloomberg and Global Finance. Besides, ICBC’s capital and debt financing instrument issuance business under her roles is in the leading position in the market domestically and globally.  For continuous years, the business areas under Ms Tang’s supervision have gained great market reputation in terms of the development and innovation, providing excellent financial products and service for the real economy and market demand, continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of service, as well as enhancing professional competence of the team. ICBC ranks No 1 in key indicators including market share, revenue, yield, total profit and innovation of product and service in the field of fixed income securities investment, money market financing as well as underwriting of debt financing instruments among market peers consecutively.  Currently Ms Tang Lingyun also serves as specialist of national debt review of Ministry of Finance, executive director of National Debt Association of China, member of Professional Committee of the Bond Market and Member of Qualification Certification in National Association of Financial Market Institution Investors (NAFMII).

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Thu 23 Mar 2017

The Westin Beijing Financial Street, Beijing