China Debt Capital Markets Summit 中国债务资本市场峰会 2017

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Drawing over 500 international and Chinese borrowers and investors, the summit is recognized as one of the most important annual gatherings to discuss the developments in the Chinese bond market.

This timely summit comes as China further deepens its onshore bond market with global markets. Designed for both Chinese and international market participants, the discussions will cover the latest developments in the panda bond market, green bond market, securitization market, international bond issuance by Chinese borrowers, and foreign investor access into China’s vast interbank bond market.

For Chinese issuers and investors, the discussions provide a thorough analysis of foreign currency debt funding markets and the onshore market’s transition to market pricing.

For international issuers and investors, the event offers networking opportunities with regulators and insight into the latest reforms in China’s bond market.

Attendance is free for all issuers, investors and regulators.

Speakers include:

- Senior Representative, People's Bank of China
- Søren Elbech
, Treasurer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
- Alexi Chan
, Global Co-Head of DCM, HSBC
- Ivan Chung
, Head of Greater China Credit Research and Analysis, Moody’s Investors Service
- LI Shaojun
, Deputy GM, IBD, China Construction Bank
- Wesley Yang
, Head of Financial Markets, China, Standard Chartered Bank (China)
- Avinash Thakur
, Head of Debt Origination, Asia Pacific, Barclays
- Connie Heng
, Head of Capital Markets, Asia Pacific, Clifford Chance
- Frank Li
, Director and Vice President, Geely Holding Group
- Ken Wei Wong
, Head of Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Syndicate, Barclays
- Timothy Chan
, Director, Financing Solutions Group, DCM, HSBC 
- WANG Sheng
, Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group, China, HSBC
- Charlie Berman
, Chairman of DCM, EMEAPAC, Barclays
- TANG Lingyun
, Deputy Head, Global Markets Department, ICBC
- TSOI Yiu Ting
, CFO, China South City
- Ying WANG
, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
- Ricco Zhang
, Director, Asia Pacific, ICMA
- Jenny Ai
, VP and Head of the Credit Rating Committee, United Ratings
- György Barcza
, CEO, Hungary Government Debt Management Agency
- Kamila Gers
, Deputy Director, Public Debt Department, Ministry of Finance of Poland
- Morris Li
, Vice Chairman, CTBC Bank
- Gaetan Gosset
, Head of Product Management, Asia Pacific, Euroclear Bank
- Chantal Grinderslev
, Senior Advisor and Director of Operations, Z-Ben Advisors
- Desmond Kuang
, Portfolio Manager and Senior Credit Analyst, Income Partners Asset Management (HK)
- Sally Wong
, CEO, Hong Kong Investment Funds Association
- YAN Yan
, Chairman, China Chengxin International Credit Rating
- Andrew Cross
, Deputy Treasurer, Asia and Pacific, IFC
- Judy Li
, Carbon and Green Finance Leader, Greater China, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young
- NIE Ni
, Research Director, Lianhe Ratings
- Aldo M Romani
, Deputy Head of Funding, Euro, EIB
- Yao WANG
, Director General, International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics

2017 Discussion topics will include:
- Has China been successful in internationalizing its bond market?
- Is reform being introduced at the right pace?
- How far away are we from the inclusion of Chinese bonds in major global fixed income indices?
- Is China's debt growth sustainable?
- Offshore funding trends and pricing considerations for Chinese borrowers
- How has RMB volatility affected foreign currency funding plans?
- How important is it to be rated?
- What does the RMB’s inclusion into the SDR basket mean for the Chinese bond market?
- Opportunities for global borrowers in China's panda bond market
- Does the panda bond market replace the dim sum market?
- What is the rationale for a RMB-denominated SDR bond market?
- What’s next for China’s green bond market?
- Bank capital funding in the China context
- Globalisation of the China securitization market

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中国借款人和投资者: 峰会将讨论外币债务融资市场并就在岸市场交易定价作全面分析。

国际借款人和投资者: 峰会提供与政策制定者互动交流的机会,并共同探讨中国债券市场最新发展

我们诚邀所有借款人,投资者和政策制定者 “免费”出席峰会。峰会提供全程中、英同声传译。

- 中国债券市场有否成功实现国际化?
- 改革的速度是否合适? 改革推行得合时吗?
- 中国债券纳入主要全球固定收益指数还有多远?
- 中国债务增长是否可持续?
- 中国借款人的离岸融资趋势和计价的考虑因素
- 人民币波动如何影响外币融资计划?
- 中国借款人获取评级的重要性
- 人民币加入特别提款权(SDR)货币篮子对中国债券市场有何意义?
- 国际借款人在中国熊猫债券市场中的机遇
- 熊猫债券市场是否取代了点心债券市场?
- 以人民币结算的SDR 债券市场的理据是什么?
- 中国绿色债券市场的下一步发展?
- 中国市场里的银行资本融资
- 中国证券化市场的全球化

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Thu 23 Mar 2017

The Westin Beijing Financial Street, Beijing