The Central and Eastern European Forum 2018

György Barcza

Chief Executive Officer

Hungary Debt Management Agency (AKK)

György Barcza was appointed as chief executive officer of the Government Debt Management Agency Pte Ltd (ÁKK Zrt) in Hungary in 2015. In his current position he is responsible for financing the budget deficit and the maturing debt of the central government of Hungary, managing the public debt portfolio as well as the liquidity of the treasury single account, and certain asset management functions assigned to ÁKK Zrt. He obtained his MSc. at the Corvinus Budapest Economic University. He started his career as an economist at the Ministry of Finance and AKK. He worked as the chief economist at ING Budapest and, at K&H (the second largest bank in Hungary). He became the chief economist of the conservative economic research company Századvég in 2012. He was also the chief editor of the leading daily business newspaper in Hungary until 2015

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