Digitising Qatar – The Strategic Perspective

07 Dec 2016

Why does Qatar need to digitise?


  • An overview of digitisation: why does Qatar need to digitise?
  • What are the priorities – security, infrastructure, regulation, cultural acclimatisation?
  •  What are the challenges facing Qatar’s digitisation process? How are these being overcome?
  • Who will finance the necessary investment?
  • Can the system and its users be kept secure?
  • How does digitisation impact the financial sector in particular?

Chaired by: Richard Banks, Consulting Editor, Euromoney Conferences


  • Sara Alkhelaifi, Computer Engineer, Financial Stability and Cyber Security, Qatar Central Bank
  • Laurence Leyden, General Manager, Financial Services, EMEA, SAP
  • Asim Mirza, Customer Operations Director, Vodafone Qatar
  • Mahmoud Raef, Country Manager, PayFort Qatar