China Green Finance: Developing Sustainable Industries

04 Aug 2016

How should companies develop a strategy for green manufacturing?


  • How should companies develop a strategy for green manufacturing? 
  • Developing an environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy for long-term returns 
  • What are some successful examples? 
  • What incentives can the region’s government provide to spur this transition? 
  • Can Xining create a manufacturing base that is environmentally friendly? 
  • How can companies take advantage of new manufacturing concepts and drive sustainable economic development? 
  • How will China’s transition from an export-led to consumption-led economy benefit Xining? 
  • Can China’s manufacturing sector remain competitive globally as standards increase?


  • Allen Cheng, Asia Bureau Chief, Institutional Investor


  • Michel Brekelmans, Managing Director, LEK Consulting and Co-head, LEK China
  • David Collins, Chief Operations Officer, China Manufacturing Consultants (CMC)
  • GUO Peiyuan, General Manager, SynTao and Chairman, SynTao Green Finance
  • GUO Shunning, Director General, Qinghai Provincial Energy Administration
  • Rong XU, Chief Executive Officer, Umore Consulting