Global Borrwers 2016: Sovereign Borrowing II

23 Jun 2016

The second sovereign borrowing panel looks at central bank policies, diversification and more.


  • Trends for 2016/2017 
  • Benefits and costs of product innovation: linkers, sukuk, RMB and other innovations 
  • Impact of the divergence in central bank policies 
  • Is there still an advantage in diversifying your investor base? 
  • Technology risks and opportunities for secondary market liquidity

Chaired by:

  • Richard Kemmish, Editorial Consultant, Euromoney Conferences


  • Philip Brown, Managing Director, Citi Global Markets
  • Tammo Diemer, Co-Chief Executive Officer, German Finance Agency
  • Toshiyuki Miyoshi, Director, Debt Management Policy Division, Financial Bureau, Ministry of Finance, Japan
  • Niek Nahuis, Agent (Director), Dutch State Treasury Agency
  • Michael Puglia, Financial Economist, Office of Debt Management, U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Sir Robert Stheeman, Chief Executive, United Kingdom Debt Management Office 18