The Euromoney / ECBC Covered Bond Congress 2016


Stuart Kirk

Head of the Research Institute

Deutsche Asset Management

Stuart Kirk is head of the research institute at Deutsche Asset Management

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Erik F. Nielsen

Group Chief Economist and Global Head of CIB Research


Erik F. Nielsen is group chief economist and global head of CIB research at Unicredit Bank. In this role, Erik is responsible for forming and communicating the overall macroeconomic and policy views of UniCredit Group.

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Christoph Rieger

Head of Interest Rate Strategy and Credit Research


Christoph Rieger is head of rates and credit research at Commerzbank. Together with his research team he covers the wide range of products ranging from government and covered bonds to credit and the vast array of related interest rate derivatives.

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Tomasz Wieladek

Senior International Economist


Tomasz Wieladek is currently a senior international economist at Barclays, covering Poland, Hungary, Germany and wider European issues.

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Sigmund Aas


European AVM Alliance

Sigmund Aas is head of international relations at Eiendomsverdi AS, Norway’s leading, and one of Europe’s largest, providers of automated valuation models and housing intelligence

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Caspar Andersen

European Structured Finance

S&P Global Ratings

Casper Andersen is a director and senior member of the European covered bond team.

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Morten Bækmand Nielsen

First Vice President, Group Treasury


Morten Bækmand Nielsen is head of investor relations at Danish mortgage bank Nykredit. Nykredit is Denmark's largest lender and the largest issuer of mortgage covered bonds in Europe.

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Claudia Bärdges-Koch

Deputy Head of Treasury

Münchener Hypothekenbank

Claudia is deputy head of treasury at Münchener Hypothekenbank in Munich. Her responsibilities include funding and liquidity management as well as debt investor relations. Claudia has started her professional career in the banking industry in 1999 when she turned her back on commodities business with base and precious metals. During

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Christian Bech-Ravn

Head of Rating and Investor Relations


Christian Bech-Ravn is head of rating and investor relations at BRFkredit where he is responsible for the contact to domestic as well as international covered bond investors and analysts following BRFkredit, and for the rating of covered bonds issued by BRFkredit.

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Luca Bertalot

Secretary General

European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC)

Luca Bertalot is secretary general of the European Mortgage Federation - European Covered Bond Council (EMF-ECBC), representing the interests of EU mortgage lenders and the covered bond community in discussions with the European institutions and stakeholders in general on all issues relating to the retail and funding sides of the

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Daniëlle Boerendans

Head of Long Term Funding and Capital Issuance


Daniëlle Boerendans has over 15 years of experience in banking. For the last 6 years she has been working in the treasury department at ABN AMRO.

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Elena Bortolotti

Co-Head of GFS Securitisation


Elena Bortolotti is co-head of GFS Securitisation at Barclays. She joined Barclays’ securitisation and covered bond structuring team in January 2006.

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Anne Caris

Senior Credit Analyst

Banque Pictet & Cie

Anne Caris is a senior credit analyst at Banque Pictet & Cie where she works in the finance and treasury teams covering banks, covered bonds and SSAs.

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Colin Chen

Managing Director and Head of Structured Debt Solutions

DBS Bank

Colin is the managing director and head of structured debt solutions at DBS Bank. He has more than 21 years of investment banking and structured capital markets experience, and is responsible for building and expanding DBS’ push to provide its clients structured fund raising solutions.

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Angus Cheng

Vice President, Treasury and Liquidity Management

DBS Bank

Angus Cheng is a vice president of treasury and market in the treasury and liquidity management team at DBS Bank Singapore, where he heads a team in managing the high quality liquid asset portfolio, as well as the funding and liquidity of the bank.

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Cristina Costa

Senior Covered Bond Analyst

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking

Cristina Costa is senior covered bond analyst at SG CIB. Before joining Societe Generale, she spent seven years at Natixis in a similar function and four years at the European Covered Bond Council.

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Cosme de Montpellier

Senior Director

Fitch Ratings

Cosme de Montpellier is a senior director within Fitch Ratings’ covered bonds team. Based in London, he is responsible for the rating of covered bonds issued out of the Nordic countries, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Andreas Denger

Senior Fixed Income Portfolio Manager


Andreas is a senior fixed income portfolio manager at MEAG MUNICH ERGO Asset Management (‘MEAG’) in Munich. Besides managing fixed income portfolios, Andreas is responsible for analysing covered bonds

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Boudewijn Dierick

Head of Flow ABS and Covered Bond Structuring

BNP Paribas

Boudewijn Dierick joined BNP Paribas in December 2006 and is the head of flow ABS and covered bond structuring team since June 2013. This team has won The Cover award for Best Structuring Bank for six years in a row since 2009.

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Paul Dudouit

Managing Director, Head of Capital Markets

Credit Foncier

Paul Dudouit is head of capital markets at Crédit Foncier – the leading specialised real estate finance institution in France, and part of the BPCE – France’s second largest banking group. His role includes responsibility for bond issuance of Compagnie de Financement Foncier – the group’s AAA-rated société de crédit

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Florian Eichert

Head of Covered Bond and SSA Research

Credit Agricole CIB

 CA-CIB’s covered bond research is headed by highly-experienced analyst Florian Eichert, CFA, who joined CA-CIB in August 2010 from LBBW in Stuttgart, where he had been for six years in a similar role.

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Giorgio Erasmi

Head of Institutional Funding

UBI Banca

Giorgio Erasmi is head of treasury and funding at UBI Banca. He has direct responsibility for the institutional funding of UBI Group: including EMTN, covered bonds, ABS, repo market and short-term funding, with particular focus on relationship management, structuring and execution.

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Ulf Erlandsson

Lead Portfolio Manager

Glacier Impact Fund

Ulf Erlandsson is lead portfolio manager of the Glacier Impact fund, a start-up fixed-income total return fund focused on climate change strategies. The fund will take exposures across the full green finance spectrum as well as utilise GHG neutral strategies in an aim to generate attractive returns and significant green

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Hampus Fälth

DCM Syndicate


Hampus Fälth works in debt syndicate at UBS with a focus on financials and covered bonds specifically. He has been with UBS since 2009.

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Sami Gotrane

Head of Treasury and Financial Markets


Sami Gotrane was appointed managing director, member of the executive committee and head of treasury and capital markets of the Société de Financement Local (SFIL) and member of the supervisory board of its 100% subsidiary, the Caisse Française de Financement Local (CAFFIL), in February 2013.

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Ralf Grossmann

Head of Covered Bond – Origination

Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking

Ralf Grossmann has 20 years of experience in covered bonds of which the last 10 years as head of covered bond origination at SG. Before this, he was head of covered bond research at Natixis where he started in 1997.

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Helene Heberlein

Managing Director, Head of Covered Bonds

Fitch Ratings

Hélène Heberlein, is a managing director and head of covered bonds at Fitch Ratings. She has been in charge of the Fitch covered bonds analytical team since its creation in May 2004.

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Eivind Hegelstad

Chief Financial Officer and Head of Investor Relations

SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt (Spabol)

Eivind Hegelstad joined SpareBank 1 in 2009. He is mainly responsible for investor relations and is also the chief financial officer at SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt.

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Thomas Herbert

Global Head of Fixed Income

Oddo Meriten Asset Management

Thomas Herbert has been in the fixed income business for 21 years. He is the global head of fixed income and convertibles at Oddo Meriten Asset Management, the asset management subsidiary of the Franco-German private bank Oddo & Cie.

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Dag Hjelle

Head of Treasury

SpareBank1 SR-Bank

Dag Hjelle is chief executive officer in SR-Boligkreditt and head of treasury at SpareBank 1 SR-Bank. He has been with the bank for eight years.

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Sverre Holbek

Senior Analyst, Covered Bond Research

Dankse Bank Markets

Sverre Holbek is a senior analyst in the covered bond research group of Danske Bank, C&I. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and he covers the European covered bond markets, focusing on the Nordics in particular.

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Peter Holm

Head of Group Funding

Danske Bank

Peter Holm is a senior vice president and member of the group treasury management team responsible for group funding.

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Meghan Kelleher

Vice President, International ABS and Covered Bond Research

J.P. Morgan

Meghan Kelleher is a vice president in the securitized products research group at J.P. Morgan, focusing on the international ABS and covered bond markets.

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Richard Kemmish


Euromoney Conferences

Richard Kemmish is an independent consultant specialising in the covered bond market. He has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage finance market working initially on mortgage securitisations (until it became fashionable) and subsequently on covered bonds.

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David Kirby

Senior Dealer, Funding Markets


David Kirby is a senior dealer in the funding markets team at Nationwide Treasury, based in London.

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Jonas Klink

Co-Head FIG Trading

Banco Santander

Jonas Klink is co- head of FIG Trading and a business developer. After successfully building up an award winning multi-currency covered bonds business, he is now leading a team of four, responsible for covered- and senior unsecured bonds and ABS.

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Julian Kruse

Fixed Income Portfolio Manager

Berenberg Asset Management

Julian Kruse is a fixed income portfolio manager at Berenberg Asset Management in Hamburg. He runs the Berenberg Euro financial bond selection fund and is responsible for investments in the financial and covered bond sector within the asset management unit.

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Arnaud-Guilhem Lamy

Market Head Covered Bonds, Financials and SRI, Portfolio Manager

BNP Paribas Asset Management

Arnaud-Guilhem Lamy is the socially responsible investing and financial/covered bonds management specialist within the sovereign and aggregate management team.

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Martin Lenhard

Vice President - Senior Credit Officer


Martin Lenhard is vice president – senior credit officer at Moody's. He has been working as a covered bond analyst in Moody’s Frankfurt office since April 2011.

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Andrew Lennon

Director, Capital Markets

Euromoney Conferences

Andrew Lennon manages the sales team at Euromoney Conferences globally. In his nine years at Euromoney, Andrew has launched a multitude of finance and investment conferences across a variety of markets, managing the projects from idea origination to delivery on the day.

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Arkady Lippa

Head of Frequent Issuer Coverage

National Australia Bank

Arkady Lippa is a senior FI coverage banker and a secured funding specialist at National Australia Bank, the market leader in secured funding product structuring and distribution for Australian dollar credit globally.

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Ola Littorin

Head of Long Term Funding


Ola Littorin is head of long term funding at Nordea. He responsible for the long term funding unit, within treasury and ALM, with responsibility for wholesale funding conducted in senior and covered bond formats in the domestic as well as the international markets.

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Friedrich Luithlen

Head of Covered Bonds

DZ Bank

Friedrich Luithlen is head of covered bonds and a DCM originator with DZ Bank. Fritz has been covering financial institutions and SSAs in various European and overseas markets since 2004. He is also responsible for the covered bond product category within the bank’s primary market business across regions.

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Agustin Martin Calmarza

Head of European Credit Research


Agustín Martín is the head of European credit research for BBVA, based in London. He holds a degree in electrical engineering from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in 2001 and a Msc in advanced econometrics and statistics applied to electrical engineering in 2004 from the same university

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Michael McCormick

Director, Covered Bond Origination

Credit Suisse

Michael McCormick is a director at Credit Suisse, responsible for covered bond origination. Before joining Credit Suisse in July 2014, Mr McCormick was co-head of covered bonds at HSBC, where he had worked on the European structured finance team since 2007.

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Luis Merino

Senior Portfolio Manager, Head of Covered Bonds and ABS

Caixabank Asset Management

Luis Merino is a senior portfolio manager and head of covered bonds and ABS at Invercaixa.

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Sabrina Miehs

Senior Covered Bond Analyst

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba)

Sabrina Miehs is senior covered bond analyst at Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba). She joined Helaba in January 2013 as a senior covered bonds analyst to establish the bank’s covered bond research

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Hugo Moore

Head of Frequent Borrowers and Co-Head of Covered Bonds


Hugo Moore joined HBSC in 1999 and has held various roles in New York and London. Hugo runs HSBC's frequent borrower funding team and has been co-head of the covered bond business for the past 4 years.

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Andreea Moraru

Senior Banker

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Andreea Moraru is an associate director - senior banker in the financial institutions group of EBRD. She has over 15 years of experience in leading, structuring, negotiating, and implementing of a wide range of debt and equity projects within the banking, insurance and leasing sectors in CEE, Russia, Turkey and

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Thierry Nardon

Managing Director Treasury

Aareal Bank

Thierry Nardon joined Aareal Bank in 2013 as head of treasury. In this function he managed two banking acquisitions from a treasury point of view, issued Additional Tier 1 and reviewed the ALM models of the bank.

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Vito Natale

Senior Vice President, Structured Finance Group

DBRS Ratings

Vito Natale is a senior vice president in the structured finance group at DBRS Ratings Limited in London, where he is responsible for managing the rating and surveillance activities for European covered bond programmes as well as the surveillance activities for European structured finance transactions.

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Wojtek Niebrzydowski

Vice President, Global Term Funding, Treasury


Wojtek Niebrzydowski is a vice president, global term funding, treasury at CIBC, located in Toronto, Canada. He is responsible for all term funding and capital execution in addition to development, structuring, and execution of the bank’s own assets RMBS, ABS, synthetic, covered bond and credit risk mitigation programs in the

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Ted Packmohr

Head of Financials and Covered Bond Research


Ted Packmohr joined Dresdner Kleinwort in 1998, specialising in the analysis of the European covered bond and agency markets. After the firm’s integration into Commerzbank in 2009, Ted continued to head the bank's respective research coverage. In 2014, Ted assumed additional responsibility for Commerzbank’s financials credit research.

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Olaf Pimper

Director of Treasury and Liquidity Portfolio Management


Olaf Pimper works at Commerzbank AG in the treasury department where he manages the ECB – eligible collateral portfolio.

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David Power

Vice-President, Term Funding and Capital Management, Corporate Treasury

Royal Bank of Canada

Reporting to the executive vice-president and treasurer of Royal Bank of Canada, David has worked for RBC since 1996 in Canada, the UK, and the US, and currently oversees the execution of term funding, capital issuance, and all intra-group lending transactions.

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Laurence Ribot

Head of Covered Bond Syndicate


Laurence Ribot has been head of covered bond and SSA syndicate at Natixis since 2006. She has over 15 years of experience in covered bond syndicate.

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Olivier Robert

Portfolio Manager

Amundi Asset Management

Olivier Robert is a portfolio manager for Euro rates, inflation and index fixed income management at Amundi Asset Management.

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Franz Rudolf

Managing Director, Head of Financials Credit Research


Franz Rudolf is a managing director at UniCredit and the head of financials credit research. Franz has more than 15 years’ experience in research and financial analysis (credit as well as equity).

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Johannes Rudolph

Global Head of Covered Bonds and SSA Bonds

ING Bank

Johannes Rudolph joined ING Bank NV in 2013 and is based in Amsterdam. As global head covered bonds and SSA bonds, he is responsible for coordinating covered bond investments for the bank treasury.

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Timo Ruotsalainen

Head of Treasury and Investor Relations

Aktia Bank

Timo Ruotsalainen is head of treasury and investor relations at Aktia Bank, a position he has held since 2014. Aktia Bank is the fourth largest bank in Finland and offers a wide range of solutions covering banking, asset management, insurance and real estate agency services.

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Sven Schukat

Head of Treasury

Berlin Hyp

Sven Schukat has been head of treasury at Berlin Hyp in Berlin since 2004. Before joining Berlin Hyp 1993, Mr Schukat was a fixed income trader at Hypothekenbank in Berlin (now Dexia Municipal Bank Germany) since 1991.

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Maureen Schuller

Head of Covered Bonds Strategy and Financials Research


Maureen Schuller is head of covered bonds strategy and financials research at ING Wholesale Banking. She has worked as a bond strategist within ING Wholesale Banking since 2004.

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Patrick Seifert

Head of Primary Markets


Patrick Seifert is head of primary markets at Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW). Before this, he headed the FIG and SSA origination team. Providing tailor-made funding solutions for demanding issuers, LBBW is particularly appreciated for its excellent distribution capacity.

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Michael Spies

Vice President, Interest Rate Strategist, Covered Bonds and SSA


Michael Spies is a vice president in Citi’s interest rate strategy team covering the global covered bond, European SSA and euro futures markets.

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Henrik Stille

Portfolio Manager

Nordea Investment Management

Henrik Stille has been a portfolio manager for Nordea Investment Management in Copenhagen for nine years. He manages covered bonds, government bonds, and SSAs in G10 currencies.

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Janos Szuda

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

FHB Bank

Janos Szuda is the deputy chief executive officer of FHB Bank. He has responsibility for the treasury of FHB Group, including trading and sales, asset-liability and liquidity management, funding and issuance activity and refinancing of partner banks.

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Mustafa Turan

Senior Vice President, Head of International Banking and Investor Relations


Mustafa Turan has a degree in management engineering from Istanbul Technical University. He joined VakıfBank as assistant internal auditor in 2003. After working in the internal audit department from 2003 to 2008, he then served as assistant manager and then manager in the investor relations department.

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Harmen van den Hondel

Head of Nordics and Netherlands FI Origination


Harmen van den Hondel heads RBS’ Nordics and Netherlands FI origination and solutions team, covering all financing and risk solutions products for financial institutions in these regions.

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Bernd Volk

Director, Head of Covered Bond and Agency Research

Deutsche Bank

Bernd Volk is head of European covered bond and agency research at Deutsche Bank. He has 20 years of experience in investments in the financial industry.

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Guy Volpicella

Head of Structured Funding and Capital


Guy Volpicella was appointed to his current role in 2012. His primary responsibility is the structuring, execution and ongoing management of covered bonds, securitisation and capital-management transactions for the Westpac Group.

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Peter Walker

Vice Chair and Regional Head, Europe and Asia-Pacific

TD Securities

Peter Walker is vice chair and regional head of Europe and Asia-Pacific at TD Securities. Peter oversees TD Securities’ businesses in the region, which include debt underwriting and trading, foreign exchange, metals trading, investment banking, and corporate lending.

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Andreas Wein

Head of Funding and Investor Relations


Andreas Wein is head of funding and investor relations at Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (LBBW) where he focuses on the long-term refinancing activities of the bank across all asset classes as well as on the dialogue with the investor community.

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Frank Will

Head of Covered Bond Research


Frank Will is global head of covered bond research at HSBC in Düsseldorf. Before joining HSBC, he was head of covered bond/supra and agency research at Royal Bank of Scotland in London for almost nine years.

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Bodo Winkler

Head of Credit Treasury and Investor Relations

Berlin Hyp

Bodo Winkler is head of credit treasury and investor relations at Berlin Hyp in Berlin. In addition to being responsible for the bank’s relations with investors and rating agencies, and the sale of customer derivatives, he also accounts for Berlin Hyp’s green bonds business.

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