The Germany Conference


Tammo Diemer

Co-Chief Executive Officer

German Finance Agency

Tammo Diemer was educated at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University Bonn, Germany and at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. He holds a degree in mathematics and achieved a master of science. In 1999, he completed his PhD in mathematics at University Bonn. 

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Spencer Lake

Group General Manager and Vice Chairman, Global Banking and Markets


Spencer Lake was appointed vice chairman of GBM in February 2016. Before that Spencer was global head of capital financing since August 2013. Capital Financing houses HSBC’s investment banking products including DCM, ECM, M&A, leveraged and acquisition finance, lending, project and export finance, and asset finance.

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James Quigley

Executive Vice Chairman, International Corporate and Investment Banking

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

James Quigley is a managing director and was named executive vice chairman of international corporate and investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2010.

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Klaus Regling

Managing Director

European Stability Mechanism

Klaus Regling is the first managing director of the European Stability Mechanism. He is also the CEO of the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), a position he has held since the creation of the EFSF in June 2010.

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Joerg Rocholl

President, EY Chair in Governance and Compliance

European School of Management and Technology (ESMT)

Joerg Rocholl is president of ESMT European School of Management and Technology in Berlin and a member of the advisory board of the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

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Jens Spahn

Parliamentary State Secretary

Federal Ministry of Finance

Jens Spahn is a bank clerk and political scientist. Born in Ahaus in 1980, he was first elected to the German Bundestag in 2002, representing the Steinfurt I – Borken I constituency.

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Manuel Adamini

Director, Investor Outreach and Partners Programme

Climate Bonds Initiative

Manuel Adamini is the director of the investor outreach and partners programme at the Climate Bonds Initiative. Manuel is an expert in institutional responsible investing, with a deep understanding of climate-related investment risks and opportunities, including green/climate bonds.

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Götz Albert

Head of Portfolio Management, Small and Mid-Caps

Lupus alpha Asset Management

Götz Albert is partner as well as head of portfolio management of small and mid-caps. He is responsible for equity and asset allocation funds. Before he joined Lupus alpha in 2003, he was head of the research department at Independent Research.

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Filippo Alloatti

Senior Credit Analyst (Financials)


Filippo Alloatti joined Hermes Fund Managers in March 2011 as a senior credit analyst at Hermes Credit, specialising in European and US banks and non-bank financials. Before this, he served in a similar capacity at Fortis Investments in the global credit and hybrids group, and subsequently at BNP Paribas Asset

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Henner Asche

Deputy Head of Markets Department

Deutsche Bundesbank

Henner Asche is deputy head of the markets department at the Deutsche Bundesbank and is responsible for monetary policy instruments and procedures, and the implementation of monetary policy in the Euro area.

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Tom Collier

Executive Vice President, Product Manager, Alternative Investments


Tom Collier is an executive vice president and product manager in the London office, responsible for alternative investment strategies. Before joining PIMCO in 2012, he was a director at HSBC, evaluating alternative investment funds and strategies.

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Frank Czichowski

Senior Vice President and Treasurer


Frank Czichowski joined KfW in 1989. He has been treasurer at KfW since 1 July 2004, and is responsible for liquidity management, funding, asset liability management and portfolio management.

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Louis Gargour

Chief Investment Officer

LNG Capital

Louis Gargour runs the investment management team at LNG, leading idea generation across credit markets. As chief investment officer, Louis oversees investment and directs the organisation’s investment management decisions.

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Christopher Garnett

Senior External Adviser

Euromoney Conferences

Christopher Garnett is senior external adviser to Euromoney Conferences. He worked in various roles at Euromoney Institutional Investor from 1988.

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Mirko Gerhold

Head of DCM Bonds Solutions


Mirko Gerhold is head of DCM bonds solutions at Commerzbank, responsible for hybrid capital, liability management, coverage of the insurance sector and the bank’s efforts in the green bond market.

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Stefan Goebel

Managing Director and Treasurer


Stefan Goebel joined Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank – Germany’s agency for agribusiness and the rural areas, based in Frankfurt – in 2000. He has held various roles in the treasury department.

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Jörg Huber

Managing Director, Head of Funding and Investor Relations

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Jörg Huber is responsible for the refinancing activities of LBBW as well as for investor relations. He joined the bank in 2002 to build up LBBW’S successful primary business activities with borrowers in Europe.

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Michael Hünseler

Managing Director, Head of Credit Portfolio Management

Assenagon Asset Management

Michael Hünseler is managing director at Assenagon Asset Management S.A. and heads credit portfolio management. His responsibilities include credit derivatives, corporate bonds, high yield, bank capital and project finance.

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Richard Kemmish


Euromoney Conferences

Richard Kemmish is an independent consultant specialising in the covered bond market. He has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage finance market working initially on mortgage securitisations (until it became fashionable) and subsequently on covered bonds.

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Stephen King

Senior Economic Adviser


Stephen King is HSBC’s senior economic adviser and a successful author. He is currently the top-ranked global economist in the annual Extel survey. Stephen’s latest book, When the Money Runs Out, was published by Yale University Press in May 2013 and was later selected as a “book of the year”

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Christoph Klein

Senior Portfolio Manager Multi Asset

Deutsche Asset Management

Christoph Klein is a senior portfolio manager multi asset, managing director at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. Before his current role, he served as partner and head of fixed income credit at TriPoint Asset Management.

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Patrick Kohlmann

Senior Credit Research Analyst


Patrick Kohlmann, a managing director in the corporates and markets department at Commerzbank, is a senior credit research analyst based in Frankfurt, specialising in the analysis of telecoms, media and tech companies.

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Edgar Kresin


Ministry of Finance, Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt

Edgar Kresin was born on 20 April 1971 in Wermelskirchen near Cologne, Germany. After finishing training in private banking in 1993, he directly started to study economics at the University of Cologne, where he completed his study with a diploma for economics in 1998.

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Andrew Lennon

Director, Capital Markets

Euromoney Conferences

Andrew Lennon manages the sales team at Euromoney Conferences globally. In his nine years at Euromoney, Andrew has launched a multitude of finance and investment conferences across a variety of markets, managing the projects from idea origination to delivery on the day.

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Samuel López Briceño

Senior Investment Analyst

Vanguard Investment Management

Samuel López Briceño is Vanguard’s senior financials analyst in Europe. He is based in London and is responsible for the active investment recommendations and money market approvals of a broad spectrum of European and other non-US financial issuers.

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Ingo Mainert

Chief Investment Officer, Multi Asset Europe

Allianz Global Investors

Ingo R Mainert is managing director and chief investment officer multi asset Europe at Allianz Global Investors. He is a member of the European Executive Committee and the Global Policy Council.

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Norbert Mayer

Senior Vice President Finance and Group Treasurer

BMW Group

Norbert Mayer, senior vice president finance and group treasurer, joined the BMW Group in 1984. Before joining the company, Mr Mayer graduated as diplom-betriebswirt and was employed by Dresdner Bank (Frankfurt) and Bayerische Vereinsbank (Munich) where he was responsible for financial markets.

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Jennifer McKeown

Chief European Economist

Capital Economics

Jennifer McKeown is the chief European economist at London-based consultancy Capital Economics. She has analysed European economies for 15 years, with the first five spent at the Bank of England.

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Götz Michl

Head of Funding and Debt Investor Relations

Deutsche Pfandbriefbank

Götz Michl joined pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank in July 2010 when he was appointed head of funding and debt investor relations.

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Marco Nix

Chief Financial Officer

50Hertz Transmission GmbH

Marco Nix, born in 1974, has been responsible for 50Hertz´s finance department since July 2015. The business economist previously worked for 50Hertz as head of controlling.

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Susanne Reichenbach

Head of Treasury

State of Berlin

Susanne Reichenbach holds a degree in economics from the Freie Universität Berlin. During her professional training she gained experience in Berlin´s department of economics as well as in development banks.

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Aldo Romani

Deputy Head of Funding, Capital Markets Department

European Investment Bank

Aldo Romani is managerial adviser and deputy head of funding, euro, in the capital markets department of the EIB, the world’s largest supranational issuer and the largest issuer of green bonds to date.

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Siegfried Ruhl

Head of Funding and Investor Relations

European Stability Mechanism

Siegfried Ruhl is head of funding for European Stability Mechanism (ESM) where he is responsible for the funding programmes for both ESM and European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF).

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Heike Rust

Head of Group Finance

Axel Springer

Heike Rust, head of group finance at Axel Springer SE, Berlin, chairs the supervisory board of Axel Springer Norway AS and is a member of the supervisory board of Axel Springer International Ltd.

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Lars Schnidrig

Managing Director, Head of Finance and Treasury

Vonovia SE

Lars Schnidrig is managing director, finance and treasury of the DAX listed Vonovia SE and serves as a member of the management board of Vonovia Finance BV, located in Amsterdam.

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Giada Vercelli

Content Director

Euromoney Conferences

Giada Vercelli is a financial journalist and the director of content at Euromoney Conferences. Over the years, she has moderated financial conferences in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The

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Petra Wehlert

First Vice President, Head of Capital Markets

KfW Bankengruppe

Petra Wehlert is first vice president and head of capital markets at KfW. She is responsible for all capital market funding activities including the Euro and USD benchmark programmes, green bonds and structured private placements.

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Severin Weig

Group Treasurer


Severin Weig joined HeidelbergCement’s group treasury in December 2012 and was appointed group treasurer in March 2015.

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Paula Weisshuber

Managing Director, Debt Capital Markets

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Paula Weisshuber is a managing director in debt capital markets. Based in Frankfurt, she is responsible for the origination and execution of investment grade bond transactions for German and Austrian corporate and FIG clients.

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Klaus Wiener

Managing Director and Chief Economist

The German Insurance Association (GDV)

Klaus Wiener has been the chief economist of the German Insurance Association (GDV) since 1 December 2015. With a doctorate in economics, he is responsible as a member of management for issues relating to the economy, financial markets and investments.

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Bodo Winkler

Head of Credit Treasury and Investor Relations

Berlin Hyp

Bodo Winkler is head of credit treasury and investor relations at Berlin Hyp in Berlin. In addition to being responsible for the bank’s relations with investors and rating agencies, and the sale of customer derivatives, he also accounts for Berlin Hyp’s green bonds business.

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Jörg Zeuner

Chief Economist


Jörg Zeuner took on the position of chief economist at KfW in September 2012. Having gained a master of science in economics at the University of Glasgow, he then went on to complete a PhD in economics at the University of Würzburg.

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