Real Return X: The Inflation-Linked Products Conference

Michael Ashton

Managing Principal

Enduring Investments LLC

Michael Ashton is managing principal at Enduring Investments LLC, a boutique investment management company that offers focused inflation-market expertise and investment strategies. Before founding Enduring Investments, Mr Ashton worked as a trader, strategist, and salesman at a number of well-known financial institutions including Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust, Barclays Capital, and J.P. Morgan. Since 2003, when he traded the first interbank U.S. CPI swaps, he has played an integral role in developing the U.S. inflation derivatives markets. He was primarily responsible for the creation of the CPI futures contract that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange listed in February 2004 and was the lead market maker for that contract. He has written extensively about the use of inflation-indexed products for hedging real exposures. In March, Mr Ashton published What’s Wrong With Money? The Biggest Bubble of All (Wiley, 2016), a book which explores the strengths and inherent weaknesses of our system of money, makes predictions about the future of inflation, and presents useful information about how to protect one’s lifestyle against such an outcome. He is a graduate of Trinity University; he is married with two children and lives in Morristown, New Jersey.

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Thu 08 Sep 2016

New York