The Euromoney Iran Conference

Aasim Husain

Deputy Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department

International Monetary Fund

Aasim Husain is currently deputy director in the Middle East and Central Asia department (MCD) of the IMF, where he supervises the department’s regional work on Middle Eastern economies and the GCC, and on several countries in the region. Before joining MCD in March 2015, Mr Husain served in the European department – where he supervised work on several Central, Eastern and South-eastern European countries – and in the strategy, policy and review department, where he led the Fund’s policy development work on capital flows and reviewed country work on many of the large emerging market economies. Previously, Mr Husain served as IMF mission chief for Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Kazakhstan, and headed the Fund’s work on commodity and energy issues. Mr Husain is from Pakistan. He received his bachelor of arts degree in economics and mathematical sciences from Rice University and his doctor of philosophy in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the IMF in 1990.

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Thu 19 May 2016