The Euromoney Lebanon Conference

Karim El Khoury

Chief Marketing Officer / Former Founder

PinPay / Viamobile

Karim El Khoury graduated in Finance from the Lebanese American University and has solid experience in the fields of banking, finance, healthcare, and technology. Karim established and managed Sparkle Healthcare in Lebanon, and also expanded the business to the Saudi Arabian market. Since then, Karim founded Viamobile, a leading Mobile Commerce Platform in partnership with several banks. He recently united Viamobile and PinPay, where he assumes the position of Chief Marketing Officer. In between, Karim cofounded and is an active board member of eddress, a digital address system platform. PinPay is the leading mobile payment and bill aggregation platform in Lebanon. Their mobile payment and bill aggregation service provider application, enables customers to pay various bills, purchase vouchers and gift cards as well as carry out many other transactions.

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