The Central & Eastern European Forum 2016

Stefan Nanu

General Director, Treasury and Public Debt Department

Ministry of Public Finance, Government of Romania

Stefan Nanu is currently the general director of the treasury and public debt department at the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania, coordinating the debt and cash management in the Ministry across the three departments involved: front office, back office and middle office. His main activities are related to: sovereign borrowings from the external and domestic markets; sovereign guarantees; sovereign risk management; servicing government debt; debt management strategy; cash management; management of the single account of the treasury and the interbanking electronic payments. Previously he was an adviser to the Dutch executive director (2009 to 2011) and alternate executive director (2011 to 2013) in the Dutch Constituency Office, World Bank - representing 13 countries (Armenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine). In the Constituency Office, he mostly covered issues regarding World Bank strategy, treasury operations, risk management, budget, corporate governance, pricing, net income allocation as well as the World Bank's operations in ECA (Europe and Central Asia) countries. Mr Nanu is also: a board member of the Guarantee Fund for Insurers (starting in September 2015); a member of the General Assembly of Shareholders of the National Guarantee Fund for SME Lending (starting in October 2013); and a member of the supervisory board of the Romanian Bank for Credits and Investments (starting in February 2014). Mr Nanu is also the Romanian alternate member of the Economic and Finance Committee (EFC Alternates) and a member of the European Securities Debt Market Sub- Committee. He holds a BA in economic cybernetics and forecasting and a masters in management of public institutions, both from the Academy of Economic Science.

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Tue 19 - Wed 20 Jan 2016

The Hilton Vienna, Vienna