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Christa Clapp

Head of Climate Finance


Christa Clapp leads the climate finance work at CICERO, which includes research on climate risk for investors and green bond second opinions. CICERO is a thought-leader on environmental integrity and an award-winning global provider of second opinions in the green bond market. Via the CICERO Climate Finance Center, she manages the collaborative work on climate risk information with institutional investors such as the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, BlackRock, and the World Bank Treasury, among others. Christa has 20 years of experience in climate policy, economic modelling, and financial analysis. She has previously worked as an economist at the OECD and the US Environmental Protection Agency, where she received a National Honor Award Gold Medal for climate policy analysis for Congress. She holds a master’s degree in international relations and economics from SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, and is a research member of Climate Strategies.

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Tue 05 Sep 2017