The Euromoney/ECBC North America Covered Bond Forum

On the occasion of the European Covered Bond Council’s first ever Plenary meeting outside Europe, Euromoney Conferences and the ECBC will jointly host a North America Covered Bond Forum on Thursday 19 April 2018.

This event will discuss the prospects for a resurgence in US $ denominated issuance, the future development of the Canadian market both domestically and off-shore and the implications of the globalisation of the asset class on issuance prospects. 
US $ covered bonds – back again
Who are the investors? And where has the investor base got room to grow?
What drives relative value for US $ investors and how does this differ from Europe?
The covered bond directive: an update
Canadian covered bonds - the challenges of maturity
Will the market expand into the regional and smaller mortgage players or continue to be dominated by big banks?
Developing the domestic investor base, prudential treatment of covered bonds, secondary liquidity and other ways to enhance the domestic bid
Rethinking encumbrance limits in the light of the lessons learnt in the market’s early years
A global product: the implications of Basle recognition of covered bonds
What does the Basle committee understand by covered bonds? Who is in, who is out?
Implications for prudential treatment of covered bonds by non-European investors
What are the implications for global issuance?
Where next? Global opportunities for covered bond investors
The growth of emerging markets covered bonds – different risks, different returns
What can covered bonds do for systemic stability in emerging markets?
$ or €? Traditional emerging markets investors or traditional covered bond investors?
Thinking about optimal national allocations in a diversified covered bond portfolio
These topics and others will be discussed by members of the ECBC including issuers, rating agencies and law firms along with the key US and Canadian investors in covered bonds and regulators from Canada and abroad.
Save the dates in your diary now for the Euromoney and ECBC events in Vancouver next April.
For more details on the sponsorship opportunities available for the event, please contact Andrew Lennon on +44 20 7779 8043 / For speaking opportunities, please contact Emma Summers on