The Euromoney Kuwait Conference

Download an exclusive e-book, featuring interviews with Hamad Al Hasawi, Secretary General, Kuwait Banking Association and Adel Abdul Wahab Al-Majed, Vice-Chairman and CEO, Boubyan Bank. The interview covers Kuwait’s economic outlook, digital disruption and investment into Kuwait.

Some of the questions include:

  • How strong is Kuwait’s economic outlook, has it improved over the past year and what is the greatest challenge facing the nation?
  • What would you like to see happen in Kuwait – politically, economically and financially – to reinvigorate the economy?
  • TICG: Kuwait’s $10bn opportunity in financial services. Do you believe that Kuwait really can invigorate its financial sector?
  • Does digital disruption in the financial sector excite or worry you?
  • What more can be done to convince Kuwaitis to invest more of their wealth at home?

To read the answers to these important questions download the exclusive Kuwait e-book now.

Tue 27 Sep 2016

Kuwait City