Absolute Return Symposium 2011

The AR Symposium will address the pressing issues faced by the hedge fund industry as economic uncertainty continues
**Should you invest in gold or are bank stocks a better bargain?

**How can credit investors profit (with or without enormous leverage) when rates are near zero?

**Which strategies are institutional investors avoiding?

**What's one of Kyle Bass's best non-macro investments?

A combination of panel debates, keynote speeches and a series of rapid-fire best ideas presentations will seek to answer these questions and many others.


For two days, the Absolute Return Symposium will feature more than 50 panelists from a variety of strategies to discuss their views and ideas for tackling next year's challenges.

In addition, you will hear from the founders of several high profile hedge funds, who will talk about the challenges of running a business and maintaining strong performance in today's uncertain markets.

Six talented managers will discuss their best investment ideas, articulating their trades in great detail. A panel of experts will also discuss the slew of new regulatory requirements affecting hedge funds and what they mean in practice.

You will also hear compelling keynote addresses from Manny Roman of Man, "Black Swan" author Nassim Taleb and Canyon Capital Advisors co-founder Mitch Julis.


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