The Global Borrowers and Investors Forum

2008 was another successful year for The Euromoney Global Borrowers & Investors Forum. Amidst the global turmoil in financial markets, the conference undoubtedly suffered from a mood of doom and gloom at the outset but there were those striking a note of optimism during the sessions.

Braving the spotlight to present the real story behind the headlines, Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde of Iceland opened the conference, arguing that the headlines on the state of the Iceland economy have much exaggerated his country’s woes as he outlined the fundamental strengths of his country. Later that afternoon, Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets at the US Treasury, Anthony Ryan, updated the audience on the work of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. He focussed on the erosion of market discipline which caused the crisis and the rebuilding process which has begun.

Tue 24 - Wed 25 Jun 2008

The Hilton, Park Lane, London